Volufiline Firming Gel
Volufiline Firming Gel

There has been a new advancement in breast enhancement creams and it’s called Volufiline. Breast firming gels of the past just did not work no matter who you ask.

This was because they focused on more of the massage to stimulate growth which can happen over a long period of time and if done consistently.

Used by both men and women volufiline penetrates deeper than any other breast creams on the market today and this is it’s becoming more popular. It’s a unisex product that really works!

If you want firmer breast growth then you need the new Volufiline and I will explain just how it works.

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Volufiline In Detail

Volufiline is completely new on the market and contains specific ingredients that have been proven to stimulate breast growth and unlike other breast creams it works. It’s is considered to be part two of the the three part system of Total Curve Breast Enhancement system.

More specifically Volufiline a cosmetic ingredient that penetrates into the skin and has been clinically proven to stimulate breast growth. It a combination of hydrogenated polyisobutene, a synthetic oil that has been used in the cosmetics market for years but it also includes a root extract of the anemarrhenae asphodeloides plant that’s used to make soap because of it’s benefits to the skin. It’s this combination that penetrates the breast and stimulates the adipocytes which are the connective tissue that produces and stores fatty tissue in the breast.

What Can  Volufiline Do For Me?

Because Volufiline is clinically proven and is part of the “Total Curve” system it really does have the ability to give you noticeable curves by defining and remodeling the curves of the breast through a consistent and progressive lipofilling-like action.

The first thing you will notice within weeks will be a better presentation of your cleavage.

Volufiline Clinically Tested Results

Volufiline Clinical Studies
Volufiline Clinical Studies

The clinical testing pictures speak for themselves. The studies were conducted on women between the ages of 18 and 35 who had a smaller cup size of between 30A and 34AA.

Volufiline was applied in a 5% concentration for 56 days. The clinical data showed an average breast tissue increase in volume of up to 8.4% when compared to the untreated breast.

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lipocytes and fat cells showed an increase in cell volume of over 22 times and lipid storage increased by more than 600% in total. The preadipocytes cells differentiation increased by more than 200% which means the breast tissue grew firmer showing that Volufiline works.