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Can The Total Curve Breast Enhancement Really Work? There is a very new breast enhancement solution called Total Curve that has just hit the market. Can this really be the solution to small breast?

I have collected clinical data showing just how well Total Curve works, but also I have detailed how it works and how it can achieve such a high success rate. Here is what I found out.

Total Curve Breast Enhancement Overview

My wife asked me to look online for an at home breast enhancement treatment and I found Total Curve. There were only a few that I felt looked legit so I did some investigation into the clinical studies or actual evidence that they work.

I soon realized that Total Curve was a very new breast enhancement treatment that women can do at home and see results the quickest. Let me explain what it is in a bit more detail.

It’s a three stage system that works with the female hormone estrogen to grow the breast larger and firmer allot faster than normal. Because of the accelerated rate of growth you really need to follow all three stages which include a breast cream called , “Volufiline” an all natural breast enlargement daily vitamin, and third and exercise program that tones muscles in the chest that will lift and firm the breast.

Total Curve Clinical Data

The Facts

Real Total Curve Results
Real Total Curve Results

The main difference with Total Curve is that other methods to increase breast size either come as just a cream or just pills and have no clinical data to back them up. There were only a select few that have a guarantee or could actually offer me clinical data.

The clinical studies showed the success rate at 90% which makes Total Curve the leading breast enhancement product on the market with regards to achieving results. There is no other breast enhancement product that can match these clinical studies.

Stats showed an average increase breast size of 8.4% over the course of the study which was 60 days.

All of the female participants in the clinical study were between that ages of 18 – 35. The younger females recorded their objective for the study to be an increase beast size where 88% of the women over 30 indicated they were looking for increased firmness that would eliminate sagging.

Clinical studies showed breast cells that were exposed to a 1% Concentration of the Volufiline cream could take on 490 – 640% additional fat molecules than any other breast cream on the market.

Total Curves Breast Enhancement Study Conclusion

The overall results showed 98% of the women tested were very satisfied with the results, 90% showed and increase of 8.4% over their 60 day charts. All participants indicated feeling better and none showed any signs of “Total Curve” side effects.

How Does Total Curve Work?

Even though the clinical study results were remarkable I wanted to understand just how Total Curve worked in order to achieve such a high success rate.

First thing to understand is that it does work from the inside out mainly and the cream works from the outside into to breast making it completely focused on breast.

The pills work by supplying natural phytoestrogens to the body which in turn mimic the role of estrogen in the body thus stimulating the breast development process. The natural estrogen levels in the female body may be lower in some women and more in others but the Total Curve vitamins actually boost the current levels of estrogen, using natural herbs to safely stimulate the growth cells in the breast.

The clinical data specifically from the breast cream “Volufiline” actually works by increasing the fatty tissue in the breast only which is why results are seen sooner that any other breast enhancement product on the market.

What you should know is that the success rate was so high because all of the participants followed a strict daily routine without missing their daily vitamins, application of breast cream or their daily exercise routines. For best results you need to follow all three.

See why women are turning to Total Curve. for real results.