Foods That Increase Breast Size
Foods That Increase Breast Size

Your diet can directly affect your body’s structure including your breast size.  Certain foods that increase breast size could also add to your hips so you need to be sure you know which ones to add to your diet.

The worst way to try and increase breast size through diet is to add calories as this could lead to big breast but also big everything else too. Your goal is to add foods that will affect the estrogen levels in the body safely to encourage natural breast growth.

The Foods Needed To Increase Breast Size

To naturally affect the female hormones you’ll need to add estrogen-rich foods to your diet. One of the main reasons women have smaller breast is a hormonal imbalance. This means that if the female body produces too much of the male hormone, testosterone, it will slow the growth of the breast.

It’s the female hormone estrogen that causes breast enlargement and is responsible for the shape of the mature female breast. Fact is flat-chested girls in China are served chicken soup with chicken head, which is a Chinese home remedy believed to contain a high percentage of estrogen.

Foods that effectively slow the rate of the male testosterone production in women are foods that contain carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables or whole grains, like cereals or breads. These whole grains will actually help balance the female hormones in the body allowing the natural estrogen levels to take over.

Foods that increase breast size using estrogen

1. Soy products: soy bean and products made from it are known for their natural estrogen.

2. Dairy is very good source of natural estrogen.

3. Flax seeds, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin and Anise seeds will provide you with natural estrogen and they are very good for your overall health.

4. Spices and Herbs such as, Oregano, Ginger, Cloves, Sage, Thyme, Turmeric, Pepper and sage will help increase breast size. Add small amounts to your regular meals and you’ll be surprised just how much these can add flavour and excitement. Also consider Parsley and Red Clover as well.

5. Beans and Peas: Not only are these high in fibre and iron but all the bean and pea family can help with thinning hair and constipation issues as well.

6. Whole grains such as, whole wheat breads and Oats can be easily added in the breakfast diet. Include Brown rice also.

7. Fruits: Many fruits can natural balance estrogen not to mention the health benefits. An apple a day…

8. Include lots of Greens such as Beet greens, Cucumbers, Olives and even Rhubarb. Adding a simple salad to you diet can do wonders for your breast. Also Red cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and broccoli have been proven to help prevent cancer cells from developing. In addition, fruits such as blueberries and strawberries contain anthocyanins that protect your cells from damaging free-radicals.

Breast Enlargement Pills To Increase Breast Size Naturally

Order Total Curve
Order Total Curve

The amazing effects of herbs has long been known and used in various cultures throughout the world dating back to the harem women in the Middle East centuries ago. With today’s medical technology specific herbs have been proven to increase breast size with the focus on stimulating estrogen levels in the body for both women and men. Total Curve is the newest product on the market that has been formulated this way.

Natural herbs such as Fenugreek, contain compounds that increase healthy breast tissue by helping to balance the female estrogen with the male testosterone in the body. Other herbs such as, Wild yam is a widely used breast enlarger and sexual stimulant while Fennel is used to increase breast size and promote milk production in new mothers.

Besides foods that increase breast size you need to consider these additional tips to help firm up and increase your bust:

1. Breast massage can help increase the circulation thus allowing nutrients to be delivered faster and easier.

2. Try to stay away from stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol.

3. Lay off the junk food. You want to increase breast size without having them lying on your stomach. Fatty foods will increase bust size but also make the breast heavy and saggy.

4. Exercise can help firm the muscles in the chest allowing a better presentation of cleavage.

Following these exercises and the foods that increase breast size will have you sporting some cleavage you have never had before.