Avoid breast surgery
Avoid breast surgery

Here are the main reasons many women avoid breast surgery even though they are unhappy with their own overall breast size. Appearance is everything but safey must come first. Breast augmentation or breast surgery has many risks associated with it not to mention cost and time.

Reasons to Avoid Breast Surgery

1. Cost – the expense of having breast surgery done just doesn’t fit into most of our budgets. Your looking at around $5000 a breast on the low end but this procedure can run in the tens of thousands. The recovery time will require you to take time off work as the initial recuperation period may be several days, with an additional few months needed
to heal from the surgery completely. With a product like Total Curve the cost is less than $200 and you see results within weeks.

3. Complications – any surgery come with a risk factor involved. Each person is different and complications can arise during the course of surgery. Breast surgery is often though of as simple but when flesh is cut open many different complications can arise.

4. Scarring – The main reason to avoid breast surgery is scarring. Breast augmentation requires that the surgeon cut your existing breasts in order to insert breast implants. Although breast look great on the outside what happens when the bra comes off as scarring can be very unattractive. Scaring can be reduced by using a proven treatment like Revitol Scar Cream.

5. Medication – the after effects of breast surgery is pain. In order to overcome the pain so your doctor will prescribe pain medication to calm the pain. Another additional expense that was probably not considered originally.

6. Follow up visits – This is the most overlooked part of breast surgery because most feel once it’s done there is nothing else required….not so. You will be required to often make future appointments as follow up check up’s which are additional cost to you.

You may want to avoid breast surgery and consider a safer more natural approach to breast enhancement like Total Curve.