New Options For Breast Surgery
New Options For Breast Surgery

If you are thinking about breast enhancement surgery there many things to consider. It seems that now women are being offered surgical breast enlargements, using unwanted fat from their thighs, stomach or other areas.

I was reading about this technique, which has been under trial in Britain and the US and is being hailed as a “two-in-one operation” because excess fat is extracted where it is not wanted on the body and “relocated” to the breast.

Many surgeons believe it will bring additional benefits, including a more natural shape and feel to augmented breasts. No synthetic implants are needed so you do not run the risk of future issues like leaks or infections.

The chairman of the Harley Medical Group, Mel Braham, and a chain of 26 cosmetic surgery clinics that will soon be offering this new technique, said: “This is the most exciting breakthrough in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery that I have seen over the last two decades. It amounts to two beneficial procedures in one. Taking unwanted fat from one or two areas of a patient’s body and transferring it to the breast area.”

He reported that there were already more than 2,500 women that have already registered with the clinics to receive information about the operation, which will become commercially available in Britain early next year. This new option for breast surgery will cost about $19,000 USD.

With the expensive cost and scaring this method, although seems very good as a new option still puts the client at risk of future health issues. Seeking a natural breast enhancement method such as Total Curve is a much safer alternative.

The procedure for this new surgery is of such interest that it was high on the agenda at the annual meeting of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). Doctors believe the technique will avoid the problems associated with some artificial implants, which can harden and change shape and may need to be replaced. Scarring can also form in the surrounding tissue.

Braham believes the new “natural” breast augmentations will become more popular than implants over the next decade. “Within 10 years, breast enhancement, through fat relocation, will dominate the breast enlargement market,” he said.

“Patients who are happy with their body shape, apart from the breast area, or those with low body fat, will still opt for traditional breast enlargement with the use of implants.”

Trials of the new operation have found that the improvements are lasting, with the fat remaining in place. According to Zdenek Pros, one of the surgeons who will be carrying out the operations, breasts enlarged through fat redistribution also have aesthetic advantages. “Natural breast enlargement using fat grafting, in addition to increasing the size of the breast, has a more natural look and feel,” said Pros.

“This type of augmentation technique is very effective in enabling surgeons to shape the breast and achieve smooth, natural-looking contours.”

Surgeons say an increase of up to three cup sizes can be achieved by the redistribution of body fat.

A 34-year-old woman from Northampton had fat removed from her waist and transplanted to her breasts four years ago as part of the British pilot study by the Harley Medical Group. The woman, who did not want to be named, said: “I would never have considered having a breast implant, but a natural way of increasing my bust size was like a dream come true.

“I wanted a very natural increase of just one and a half cup sizes, which returned my breasts to their pre-childbirth form. Getting rid of my muffin top [fat around the waist] and getting my breasts back in one operation was incredible.”

British doctors are also studying growing breast tissue using stem cells extracted from a woman’s own fat. A study of the procedure will begin shortly at the London Breast Institute at the Princess Grace hospital.

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